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Grocery store turns into church

Photo: Illustrative Depictions Photography

A grocery store building was converted into a church with a design that features perforated metal panels. The existing 60,000-square-foot, box-shaped facility had an elevated storefront atrium at the entry of the building that did not meet Valley Creek Church’s objectives for its location in Lewisville, Texas.

Sync Architecture and Construction LLC, the design-builder, designed an entry for the church with perforated metal panels to allow light penetration, provide a filter for the light and give it a modern look. The perforated panels also lessened the façade’s heaviness. The project included interior renovations, as well.

Commercial Building Concepts installed approximately 4,500 square feet of aluminum in 146, 3-foot by 10-foot and 3-foot by 12-foot panels for the project. The wall panels are Hendrick Architectural Products Inc.’s BWK360 corrugated, perforated, 0.04-inch-thick aluminum panels with a smooth Kynar 5000 PDVF Classic Bronze finish. The panels’ rib spacing is 6 inches with 0.25-inch round perforations on 0.312-inch staggered centers. They have a 58 percent open area.

The lightweight of the aluminum was necessary because the existing steel structure’s bearing capacity was limited. To add rigidity to the lightweight aluminum span, Commercial Building Concepts installed 2-inch by 6-inch steel tube frames on 5-foot centers on the existing steel structure. The steel tube frames provide three vertical attachment points for each panel.

Valley Creek Church has multiple campuses; this project is the church’s fourth location. It was completed for $3 million in February 2017.