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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Spokane, Wash.

When the board of directors of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Spokane, Wash., realized they had to replace the foam roof on their church, they knew that they had to find a roof that would not only look good but would also be permanent. In addition, they were faced with the challenge of finding a roofing product that would accommodate the curvature of their signature double domes. To their surprise, they found the ideal product and manufacturer, Zappone Manufacturing, right in their hometown.

Joe Zappone, owner of Spokane-based Zappone Manufacturing, was up to the challenge. He knew that a combination of Zappone's full-size Copper Shingles, along with the half-size Zappone Accent Copper Shingle, could easily accommodate the curvature of the dome. Unique to most metal roofing products, the Zappone Copper Shingle is designed with a four-way interlocking system that provides for expansion and contraction and is nailed directly to the roof deck. In addition, with the life span of copper, the roof would last for hundreds of years. Zappone supplied 5,234 square feet of 12-ounce copper for the project.

Zappone worked closely with the installation team at BJ Roofing, Spokane, to fabricate custom copper flashings for the project. The finished result is a roof that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will last for lifetimes to come. Toribara Arhitects, Spokane, was the architect.

Zappone Manufacturing,