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Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, S.C.

To create a cohesive addition and renovation design for Littlejohn Coliseum at Clemson University, LS3P Associates Ltd. specified a combination of white, gray and orange-colored metal wall panels.

The existing coliseum was constructed with exposed steel columns and exterior wall plates. Scott May, principal at LS3P, says, “The exterior steel cladding plates were originally un-insulated, which transferred a tremendous amount of radiant heat into the facility. CENTRIA’s insulated metal panels offered an opportunity to not only clad the facility in an insulated skin, but possessed both colors and textures to unify the building facades and impart a contemporary aesthetic.”

Steel Clad Inc. installed CENTRIA’s Formawall Dimension Series insulated metal panels in Arctic Ice and Slate Grey with an embossed finish and Fluorofinish coating. Steel Clad also installed CENTRIA’s IW Series rainscreen panels in Midnight Bronze, and Super-Rib and Style-Rib exposed fastener with a smooth finish and Duraguard coating. CENTRIA supplied custom flashings, louvers and metal composite material.

With the addition, Littlejohn Coliseum is 220,000 square feet. The project was completed in September 2016.