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Loria Residence, New Orleans

The Loria Residence in New Orleans was completed in December 2011. The residence is a woodframed structure and has a zinc-clad stair tower to the building's third-floor studio. The building was designed by homeowner Gwen Loria, and she, along with her husband, Paul, served as the general contractors on the project. The house features 2,650 square feet of Raleigh, N.C.-based Umicore Building Products USA Inc.'s VMZINC in the living area on features such as the walls and 1-inch standing seam roof panels, while 800 square feet of VMZINC was used for accessories including gutters and louvers. Classic Roofing and Gutters, New Orleans, installed the zinc.

The property was acquired after Hurricane Katrina in 2007. The previous house was demolished due to the damage sustained from the storm. The Lorias love the architecture of the French Quarter and wanted to have a similar, but unique presentation. One of the goals was to have the building morph as the residents move around it, like a cityscape. There are other aspects of design that accommodate two other adjoining properties owned by family members. Originally a steel panel was considered but the reflective properties were too high. The Lorias chose zinc instead due to its low reflective properties, so the reflectivity would not impact the surrounding neighbors.

To reduce costs, the Lorias purchased flat sheets of zinc and had each panel fabricated locally. This allowed for almost no waste. It also helped in communicating with the fabricator and installer during the installation process.

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