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Mendota Community Hospital, Mendota, Ill.

Having been called 'the crown jewel' of Mendota, Ill., the new Mendota Community Hospital will readily accept future expansion and could anchor development of other health care-related services and facilities on the remainder of the 40-acre site.

The new hospital is a pronounced improvement over its 79,000-square-foot predecessor built in the 1940s. The 107,000-square-foot, acute-care facility equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies offers 25 private patient rooms, overnight sleeping accommodations for family members, four ICU rooms, surgery, lab, numerous specialty outpatient clinics, rehab, 24-hour emergency department, a heliport and a contiguous medical office building. The new facility is located on a 22-acre site and functions more efficiently in serving the more than 44,000 patients a year.

The structural steel package for the project demonstrates the Building Information Modeling and plant fabrication capabilities of Butler Manufacturing, Kansas City, Mo. The architectural floor layout required significant non-modular, nonaligned steel framing, with chevron type bracing. The skewed linear footprint instilled architectural definition across the frontage and was a response in part to the site usage. The entry, framed to support the space's elevated arched roofline, presents yet another architectural detail not routinely associated with a project supplied by a metal building manufacturer.

Joseph P. Pyatek, AIA, Ballwin, Mo., served as the hospital's planning and design consultant; Oculus Inc., St. Louis, was the project architect; and Phalen Steel Construction Co., Mendota, served as the general contractor.

Butler Manufacturing,