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Roland Basketry Gallery, Tucson, Ariz.

Photo courtesy of Line and Space LLC

Line and Space LLC designed a renovation project that features a custom ceiling for Roland Basketry Gallery at University of Arizona’s Arizona State Museum. Woven steel conduit that appears as an abstraction of basket weaves was suspended above galleries. Additionally, the depth of the ceiling plane lowers the scale of the space to create a cave-like environment similar to that of the caves the contents of the gallery were discovered in.

For the ceiling, Kappcon Inc. fabricated and installed 1,800 square feet of Crescent Electric Supply Co.’s 3/4-inch diameter, interwoven steel conduit painted in Craft Red. Kappcon hung the steel conduit from a steel tube structure with 12-gauge hanger wire. LED fixtures were positioned in between the steel conduit.

The project included display cases to hold a collection of Native American artifacts, predominantly from the Southwest. Vroom Engineering and Manufacturing Inc. fabricated and installed eight custom display cases with 1/4-inch-thick steel plate. The steel was powder-coated in Flat Black. Steel provided an inert material that doesn’t cause harmful off-gassing effects to organic artifacts.

At the entrance in a lobby, Roland Basketry Gallery features a dramatic line of site to the vault display. The 900-square-foot project maintained a flexible gallery space for traveling exhibits. To accommodate the expanding collection, employees can change objects behind a large glass display window, which can be viewed from a triangular bench that doubles as storage. The $270,000 project was completed in March 2017.