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University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Passavant Hospital in McCandless, Pa.

A decade after Bethel Park, Pa.-based D-M Products Inc. installed Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems' curtainwall on the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Passavant Hospital in McCandless, Pa., DM-Products returned to deliver the same performance and familiar aesthetic for the hospital's new seven-story tower. The new UPMC Passavant Pavilion is certified to meet LEED standards and includes features such as natural lighting and outdoor views.

UPMC Passavant Pavilion provides increased capacity for advanced tertiary cancer care, advanced cardiovascular and neurosurgical treatments, and emergency medical care. The hospital's inpatient volume has grown more than 30 percent over the past six years. The number of inpatients and outpatients who come to UPMC Passavant from outside of Allegheny County and outside of the state has doubled during this time period.

Specifically addressing the community's needs, the new facility adds capacity for 88 new hospital beds, bringing the total beds to 399; adds 27,000 square feet to the Cancer Center, tripling the current size; and adds 21,000 square feet to the emergency department, doubling treatment capacity. Officials project that 300 health care jobs will be created by the expansion of UPMC Passavant, for a total of 2,500 employees hospital-wide.

The $100 million Passavant Pavilion project followed a strict, four-year design and construction timeline. Pittsburgh-based P.J. Dick Inc. served as the project's general contractor, bringing to life UPMC's vision as designed by the Butler, Pa.-based architectural firm, Burt Hill. The project is part of a master plan to develop a more functional, sustainable and efficient future for UPMC's McCandless campus and community.

UPMC Passavant Pavilion relied on building information modeling tools to preview the project in three dimensions, while it was still on the drawing board. The BIM tools and early discussions are credited by building team members as contributing to the successful coordination between the architectural design and the complex engineering.

The 220,000-square-foot expansion was finalized in February and the 30,000-square-foot renovation is expected to be completed in September. The resulting efforts reconfigure the hospital's main entrance around its key architectural features: the glass rotunda and naturally lit interiors. Utilizing the airport concept of separating arrivals and departures, Passavant's entrances are positioned to naturally funnel visitors into the main registration area where they will be greeted by customer service representatives and directed to their destination.

D-M Products installed 37,565 square feet of Wausau Window and Wall Systems' 8250 Series aluminum-framed curtainwall featuring a 2.5-Inch narrow sightline and 8.25-inch depth to clad the UPMC Passavant Pavilion. Fabricated by Santa Monica, Calif.-based Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, a clear anodize finish by Wausau-based Linetec highlights the metallic tones and low-maintenance durability of the system.

On the building's interior, the curtainwall maximizes daylighting with staff lounges situated by the outside walls for infusion of natural light. Within the enhanced and expanded Cancer Center, windows also are installed in all chemo profusion rooms to allow improved access, visibility and natural lighting.

"Daylight and outdoor views have proven benefits to health care facilities," notes Lisa May, Wausau's health care market manager. "In addition to the improved sense of wellbeing and improved morale, studies report patients heal more quickly and use less pain medication when they have access to window views, daylight and maintain a sense of control over such comforts as lighting, ventilation and indoor temperature."

"As a leading health care facility north of the city, UPMC Passavant's vision is to build the 'hospital of the future' for residents living in the communities north of Pittsburgh and beyond," says Teresa G. Petrick, president, UPMC Passavant.


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