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Veterans Development LLC Parking Garage in Cleveland

Project leaders for the new Veterans Development LLC Parking Garage in Cleveland, selected Mentor, Ohio-based W.S. Tyler's Stainless Steel Doka-Mono Woven Wire Mesh for use on the building façade because it was affordable, functional and offered aesthetic value. W.S. Tyler offered their services, from development through installation, and supported all involved.

Architect David A. Kaplan of Kaczmar Architects Inc., Cleveland, notes, "With open parking structure design, ventilation is important, so we needed something that would provide air infiltration. However, we also wanted a 'panelized' look on the building that would provide more interest on the façade. The mesh panels were located within a framework of steel, and the intent was to have these look as abstract 'windows' on the building. Also of importance is that when spanning panels from tier to tier on a parking structure, one has to accommodate for the movement of the building. The mesh proved to be the ideal solution to achieve all of these goals."

The panels also pick up the sunlight. "The stainless steel fabric of the mesh provides some light reflectivity which I think creates a very interesting effect as one travels past the building," Kaplan says. "This is particularly noticeable on the south façade, where we have a very large mesh panel centered on the façade.

The general contractor was Donley's Inc., Cleveland, and the subcontractor was Burghardt Metal Fabricating, Akron, Ohio.

W.S. Tyler,