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Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Conn.

The recently completed parking garage for Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven, Conn. boasts an exterior beautifully wrapped in a variety of versatile stainless steel metal fabrics from Cambridge, Md.-based Cambridge Architectural.


Yale-New Haven Hospital regularly ranks among the best hospitals in the U.S. and is nationally recognized for its commitment to teaching and clinical research. With a rich history and a robust offering of care in more than 100 medical specialty areas, Yale-New Haven Hospital is a leading institution with high standards. When building a new parking garage for the hospital, the project team turned to Cambridge for an exterior façade reflecting both the tradition and innovation of the facility it would serve.

A Cambridge Architectural Parkade system enhances the garage's aesthetic appeal, using texture and color to create an innovative exterior design. Three different stainless steel mesh patterns combine to create a unique façade emphasizing innovation and strength.

The inherent nature of the mesh panels also allows them to endure Connecticut winters and to facilitate ventilation. The mesh's open-yet-closed nature shields occupants from the elements while providing a panoramic view of New Haven.

"We've come to expect a solution that both is appealing aesthetically as well as functional from Cambridge mesh products, which is why we utilized their material for our project," says Peter Darby, associate and project manager with Boston-based architectural firm Spagnolo, Gisness & Associates Inc. "Functionally, the mesh facilitates natural ventilation while wrapping the structure to satisfy the City of New Haven's request to provide an aesthetically appealing building wrap to the garage structure."

Cambridge also worked with the architect to implement linear LED lighting into several vertical structural channels alongside the mesh panels. At night, the mesh is splashed in warm, colored lights to create a sophisticated and engaging aesthetic.

The Parkade system was engineered with mesh in Cambridge's modified Cubist, Mid-Balance and Scale patterns and installed using Cambridge's J-hook tension attachment hardware.

Construction was completed in October 2009. Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, Boston, was the general contractor, and General Welding & Fabrication, Watertown, Conn., was the steel subcontractor.


Cambridge Architectural,