Metal Interiors Deliver Superior Design

Integrating metal indoors offers versatile design solutions

Now more than ever, architects are designing commercial indoor environments that are as durable and low maintenance as they are inviting and aesthetically engaging. Towing the line between form and function, the integration of metal materials in the indoor environment offers versatile, easy-to-install solutions that provide high levels of structural integrity while delivering intricate design details for a statement architectural feature.

Concealing Structural Details

Offering widespread degrees of design flexibility, metal solutions can be fabricated into an array of columns, walls, dividers and metal sheets to conceal structural elements while creating dynamic visuals that echo the surrounding architectural environment and stand out as prominent design features.

The structural design of commercial spaces often includes unsightly beams, structural concrete supports, electrical conduits, plumbing and data management wiring. Metal solutions allow architects to create innovative and unique structures in design-forward shapes, sizes and patterns that conceal these unattractive details while providing the aesthetic versatility to cater to the needs of each project.

Design Opportunities

While metal solutions conceal unsightly structural details, they also add aesthetic value to interiors. Incorporating intricate patterns, dynamic colors and intriguing textural finishes, metal solutions create opportunities to enhance the architects’ design intent—fostering character and visual appeal that completes the surrounding environment. Through the implementation of colors, patterns, and finishes that revitalize bland commercial spaces, metal solutions give structural elements the opportunity to transform into focal points—elevating solid metal into a three-dimensional decorative surfacing solution.

Incorporating new layers of dimension, texture and visual interest to a space, the addition of design-forward metal solutions anchors a commercial interior while adding distinct style. With architects’ understanding of how prominent design features can transform a space, metal solutions are a valuable asset in creating standout elements within the indoor environment.

Case Study: Logan Airport

The versatility of metal allows a vast array of materials. Metal solutions supply high quality that lasts.

With the ultimate vision of continuous passenger connection across all terminals at Logan Airport in Boston, Boston-based FM Architecture specified 65 of Oakland, Calif.-based Móz Designs’ aluminum column covers to transform unsightly structural details into elevated architectural solutions—creating dynamic visuals for a seamless continuity between columns, ceilings and entry portals for all retail locations.

While functional structures for high-traffic spaces deliver on durability, it often comes at the expense of aesthetic value and design integrity. Móz Designs’ uniquely-formed metal column solutions were able to achieve both of these important architectural elements—various shapes and sizes, impactful colors, and hardwearing finishes transform the airport’s indispensable support beams into focal points, capturing texture, depth and movement as a defining feature of the space while maintaining longevity. Logan Airport’s expansive installation features Móz column covers in both round and rectangular configurations, completed with sophisticated Classic True Brass and White Powder Coat finishes. Custom trim detailing along the walls in the Classic True Brass maintains the design’s continuous feel.

Custom Capabilities

The versatility of metal and its finishes allows solutions to present as a vast array of materials—laminates possess the ability to convey organic materials like stone or wood, custom opportunities can overlay images or graphics that are significant to a space, and engravings and dynamic patterns can add new dimension to an interior. Metal solutions are able to capture the intricacy and perception of these genuine forms, providing a durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient opportunity to bring aesthetic features into a space.

The addition of corrugated metal, laser cut patterns, perforated sheets, engravings, laminates and vinyl films are a few of the many ways metal solutions supply high quality, reliable decorative metal solutions that last. While these elements make a statement alone, combining selections with features like LED backlighting, tapering or custom fixtures creates an entirely new level of dimensionality—another perk of the design possibilities that are achievable with metal solutions.


For commercial interiors, durability is a crucial factor in the architectural design process. Design features comprised of enduring materials like stainless steel and solid-core-aluminum are able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with high occupancy and disinfectants in commercial interiors. Two of the strongest and most sustainable materials in the world, stainless steel and aluminum metal solutions toe the line between form and function.

Offering a design-forward solution that maintains a high standard of cleanliness and stability is a pivotal characteristic of designing indoor environments. Selecting optimal finishes and reliable metal materials like stainless steel and aluminum ensure durable, long-lasting interiors without compromising the architectural vision.

Case Study: Inspira Vineland

Laser-cut columns transform structural elements into welcoming design features. Laser-cut columns transform structural elements into welcoming design features. Graphic divider walls foster a sense of intimacy for patients.

At the Inspira Vineland Medical Center in Vineland, N.J., Móz Designs collaborated with InDesign Studio, Boca Raton, Fla., and DRK & Associates, Vineland, on the creation of five stunning backlit laser-cut columns that transform structural elements into welcoming design features. As the health care industry shifts towards designing facilities that emphasize patients’ sense of wellness, Móz’s biophilic-inspired patterns and warm backlit features bring calming light and a sense of serenity to a traditionally stark healthcare setting—prioritizing patients’ comfort from the moment they enter the Center.

Móz manufactured four full-round and one-partial round columns for the space, finished with a Snow Powder Coat in a custom variation of their signature Petals Laser Cut pattern. An elevated alternative to traditional columns, the backlit solutions deliver an aesthetic, welcoming focal point for patients without compromising durability and cleanliness in a high-traffic medical space. The Center’s lobby is complete with matching graphic divider walls, fostering a sense of intimacy for patients while connecting to the space’s inviting, organic design.

Maximizing durability without compromising on quality design, metal solutions seamlessly blend design and function for a solution that is as durable as it is aesthetic, offering an array of features that cater to architects’ needs for the individuality of each space. No matter the project, metal brings aesthetic versatility to structural elements that shine in commercial interiors.

Linda Gutierrez is sales and marketing director at Móz Designs, Oakland, Calif. To learn more, visit mozdesigns.com.