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877 Beacon St.. Boston

Photo: Anton Grassl
Photo: Anton Grassl

After a fire caused extensive damage to an office building at 877 Beacon St. in Boston in 2015, metal was used to rebuild it and change its use. The building, which is located in the Auburn Circle neighborhood, a historic area in the city, has a masonry façade that needed to be restored. A metal-clad addition at the top and back of the building was used to convert it from office to residential use.

At the front of the building, new storefront systems align with masonry openings along Beacon Street. Touloukian Touloukian Inc. designed the penthouse to nestle into the historic context by aligning with neighboring properties’ dominant parapet datum. The penthouse also mimics a curved masonry façade with its curved, patterned, copper skin. Touloukian Touloukian specified copper for its historical relevance, durability, flexibility around curves and aesthetic.

Modernized Architectural Sheet Metal Inc. installed 750 square feet of Revere Copper Products Inc.’s 22-gauge C-11000 copper, single-lock standing seam roof system with an untreated, matte finish on the penthouse. Also at the top level addition, in the front, Stuart Glass Inc. installed Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope’s curtainwall.

The rear addition was challenging in that it needed a dynamic and textured façade that was less expensive than copper, but had a similar aesthetic and quality. Coil sheet metal was used to create a façade that expresses the building’s geometry. The geometry is derived from floor levels, property setbacks for optimum window percentages and a breakdown of the rear addition. Beveled forms relate to alternating bay windows in the back alley. The rear addition is above the ground plane to accommodate parking.

At the rear addition, Modernized Architectural Sheet Metal installed 2,717 square feet of Englert Inc.’s 0.04-inch-thick, single-lock standing seam roof system in Champagne. The Champagne color balances with neighboring, red brick façades. The 10,469-square-foot project was completed for $2.6 million project in March 2017.