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Maintenance building built to withstand high winds

Collier County Sherriff FleetThe 51,000-square-foot (4,738-m2) Collier County
Sheriff's Fleet Facility in Naples, Fla., serves as the maintenance and management facility for all the
county's sheriff's vehicles. Built to withstand wind
speeds up to 132 miles per hour, the building includes offices, maintenance bays and a small kitchen.

Varco Pruden Buildings, Memphis, Tenn., supplied its Rigid Frame system for the project that included a single-slope penthouse with louvers and skylights centered on the main roof and portal frame bracing at the service doors which eliminates sidewall bracing and allows for more work bays. Varco Pruden's SLR roof was in Egyptian White. An 8-foot (2-m) Arctic White liner panel was installed around the perimeter on the interiors of the maintenance portion for protection, in addition to 3 1/2-inch (89-mm) roof and wall insulation. The front portion of the building, which is primarily offices, was constructed of CMU, structural steel and stucco. The pre-engineered maintenance portion is located behind the offices. The collateral gravity loading of the maintenance area allows use of the structure for suspension of overhead systems such as electrical wiring, fire protection and lighting. The bays are fully equipped with stationary lifts, portable lifts, welding equipment, fluid delivery system and other service equipment.

A variety of sustainable aspects were also incorporated into the project, including a "cool" roof
that reduces the heat island effect, sunshades above the overhead coiling doors to reduce
thermal heat gain, and large skylights used in the penthouse for natural illumination.

Disney & Associates PA, Naples, Fla., was the architect, and Wright Construction Group, Fort
Myers, Fla., was the builder. The project began in February 2008, and was completed in June 2009.