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Kingstown Recreation Center, Wakefield, R.I.

Photo: Warren Jagger Photography
Photo: Warren Jagger Photography

For South Kingstown Recreation Center in Wakefield, R.I., Brewster Thornton Group Architects LLP and S3 Design Inc. specified two metal building systems. A larger rear building houses a gymnasium with bleachers, locker rooms, and mechanical and electrical rooms. A smaller entry building contains a lobby, reception area, restrooms and three multipurpose rooms for small group activities.

A&S Building Systems supplied its metal building systems for the 29,790-square-foot facility. The facility is clad with metal roof and wall panels. The wall panels are horizontal and contrast with vertical windows.

For the roof, 19,200 square feet of MBCI’s Double-Lok standing seam roof system and 15,300 square feet of BattenLok standing seam roof system, both in Signature 300 Medium Bronze, were installed. The walls were completed with 19,600 square feet of MBCI’s 3-inch-thick Mesa insulated metal panels in Signature 300 Almond. The project was completed for $6.4 million in June 2017.