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Panels mimic wind

Ware Malcomb Inc. designed an exterior and interior renovation with 3-D metal panels for an office building at 2165 Spring St. in Long Beach, Calif. Julia Carroll, project manager and project architect at Ware Malcomb, says, “The Dri-Design panels were specifically selected for their beautiful aesthetic and are what drove the design of the building exterior. The ability to tilt the panels in different directions inspired the visual effect of the fluttering wall, mimicking the panels moving in the wind.”

Emerald Metal Products Inc. installed 7,651 square feet of Dri-Design’s standard panels and Tapered Series Panels in Bone White and Medium Gray at various degrees and depths. The installation was done without modifying the substrate and weather barrier.

Dale Gronewold, president at Emerald Metal Products, says, “The existing building leaned over 2 inches, so we had to add tapered hat channel furring to make everything straight.”

The four-story building has covered parking on the first floor and was originally constructed in 1985. The renovation was completed in 2015.

Brad Zeeff, president at Dri-Design, says, “The return on investment can be seen in the curb appeal that brings renewed rental interest and new tenants.”