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Roma High School, Roma, Texas

Photo: Debby Amador, Roma Independent School District, Roma Police Department
Photo: Debby Amador, Roma Independent School District, Roma Police Department

To replace leaking clay tile roofs on Roma High School in Roma, Texas, Amtech Solutions Inc. specified standing seam roof systems. Most of the leaks were associated with walls, transitions between roofs and walls, and transitions between the foundation and walls.

Mike Hovar, AIA, RRO, LEED AP, of Amtech Solutions, says, “When we got involved, they were unsure of what the real causes of all the problems were. When you see water running down the wall, immediately you think the problems were only with the roofing. Once we got a closer look, it wasn’t just the roof, but the walls, the drainage over the walls.”

Amtech Solutions designed leak-proof aluminum saddles where roofs and walls meet. There are three types of saddles: saddles from the low eave, saddles from the high eave, and saddles from the gables and façades.

On the school’s main building, Rio Roofing Inc. installed 233,335 square feet of McElroy Metal’s 138T standing seam roof system in Brite Red PVDF coating. Additionally, on three smaller buildings on campus with low-slope roofs, Rio Roofing installed McElroy Metal’s 238T standing seam roof system in Galvalume Plus. Rio Roofing rollformed the panels on-site, and used Swenson Shear’s SnapTable Pro to notch panels and cut panels for valleys.

The roof replacement was part of a facility-wide renovation project that also included repairs to masonry and metal walls, and replacement of windows and skylights.