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Tin House, London

Photo: Tim Soar
Photo: Tim Soar

Henning Stummel Architects Ltd. designed the Tin House residence in London with six connected pavilion structures looking inward to a courtyard and water feature. They are arranged in a U-shape around the perimeter of an irregularly shaped site.

The pavilions are 2,500 total square feet. The two pavilions in the middle of the U-shaped footprint house reception rooms including a living room and kitchen/diner. The two pavilions to the east of the middle pavilions have the main entrance, where there is also a coat room and adjacent bathroom. They also contain bedrooms. The two pavilions to the west of the middle pavilions house bedrooms and, at the end of the U-shape, ground level space that can be used as a garage.

Henning Stummel, RIBA, director at Henning Stummel Architects, says, “Leaving the kitchen diner on the western side, we were able to add additional height so you can go down or up half a flight of stairs. The end pavilion on the western side is like a separate mini house with a reception space at ground level and bedroom above. Alternatively, the ground floor space can be used as a garage.”

The pavilions establish privacy for occupants among taller, adjacent buildings. Pyramidal roofs provide a large volume with a low profile and courtyard-facing windows. The structures are top lit by skylights supplied by The Rooflight Co.

The pavilions are wrapped with dark red standing seam roof panels on the roof and walls. “The modest, utilitarian finish accentuates the monolithic and sculptural quality of the design,” Henning says.

Exterior Metal Crafts Ltd. installed 5,000 square feet of SSAB AB’s GreenCoat PLX Pro BT coated steel standing seam roof system in Brick Red. The panels’ iron oxide color fits with surrounding buildings, which are mostly brick of different shades: brown, red and rust colored. “The cladding has a warm, earthy color, which is in dialogue with the surrounding buildings,” Stummel says. The project was completed in February 2016.