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Translucent panels call attention to U.S. Army aviation building

To meet the requirements for panels that would protect the U.S. Army Aviation Support Facility in Lansing, Mich., from high wind loads and severe Midwest storms and transmit the maximum amount of light into the large hanger year-round, CPI Daylighting, Lake Forest, Ill., supplied two, 8- by 332-foot Quadwall wall lights that run the length of the building on the north and east sides.

The 4-inch-thick panels can carry a wind load rating of 45 psf and 0.23 U-value, and protect the hanger without requiring additional structural support or insulation. Clear matte over clear matte was applied to the two-panel system to produce 52 percent light transmission.

The Quadwall system was modified for the Army Aviation Support Facility to meet the requirement for missile impact load. Exterior panels may be removed if they are damaged from wind or severe weather without compromising interior panels' air and watertight fastening with the hanger.