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ClarkDietrich EPDs and HPDs Now Included in Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog

ClarkDietrich Building Systems, the construction industry’s largest manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing products, has partnered with Sustainable Minds for inclusion in its Transparency Catalog. The effort is part of ClarkDietrich’s commitment to make it help AECs meet green building rating system requirements by making it easy to find all its steel framing products with environmental product declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs). To date, the company is the only manufacturer of steel construction materials to participate in this valuable initiative.

“ClarkDietrich is always working toward sustainable building practices and services, and a partnership with Sustainable Minds is just another step in this effort. We believe that product transparency is key to building high-quality, environmentally sound structures, and hope others follow our lead so building professionals can more easily specify sustainable materials,” said Bill Courtney, CEO and President of ClarkDietrich Building Systems.

Found at http://www.transparencycatalog.com/, the Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog is the only cloud-based source that brings together all of a brand’s products with environmental and material disclosures, while providing easy-to-understand information how to use these documents to earn credits in various green building rating system including: LEED v4, Collaborative for High Performance Schools, Green Globes, the Well Building Standard and the Living Building Challenge. This makes it an invaluable tool for AEC professionals to find products that meet the rigorous environmental and material reporting standards in the building industry.

The catalog is free for building professionals who would otherwise spend hundreds of hours searching for products. “We know that AEC professionals aren’t looking for disclosures, they’re looking for products with disclosures. The Transparency Catalog gives them exactly that – a place to connect product information with product transparency information. We’re thrilled to add ClarkDietrich’s extensive list of products with EPDs and HPDs to the catalog,” said Terry Westerman, vice president, marketing. Visit www.transparencycatalog.com/company/clarkdietrich to find hundreds of steel framing products from 33 categories.

“ClarkDietrich’s product transparency efforts are comprehensive. They’ve created both environmental and material disclosures for each of the products listed. Our goal is to help AECs reward manufacturers for investing in product transparency,” said Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds CEO. “When researching products, AECs will more frequently go to a manufacturer’s web site first. The Transparency Catalog listing makes it easy to find all the ClarkDietrich products with transparency information whether they go to clarkdietrich.com OR the to catalog. Look for the SM Transparency Catalog badges on the site.”

A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, ClarkDietrich is committed to manufacturing quality products that are environmentally responsible. The company recycles 100 percent of steel waste at its manufacturing facilities and employs a technical team that includes numerous LEED-accredited professionals. Its product development consciously engages optimal use of material as well as ease of construction.